All concerts matter

Small and intimate chamber music concerts take place all the time at small and often less recognised venues. Local concert arrangers do their best to promote the fine events as good as they can. Clazzig will make this a lot easier and more powerful by providing tools to announce their concerts.

What musicians are playing? And their profiles will show up. What works will they play? And you’ll see if they play some music you love.

By offering a concert calendar on Clazzig, the local concert arranger gets a platform to even reach people even outside the local community. It could be a Schumann fan 100 km away that will drive to the concert or a tourist family happening to be near at that time. Visits that would unlikely have happened because the tools to reach all are not yet there as Clazzig is not yet there.

A lot of musicians playing chamber music are also their own promoters and Clazzig will offer them the tools to market themselves too. Not in a ‘marketing’ way with adds and ugly stuff but with clean and relevant information about their concerts, what works they will play, where the venues are etc.

Among musicians themselves a growing network of connections will also start to build in their personal profiles of who they have played with. Imagine knowing all you ever played chamber music with since your infant school concert days! And of course each one can decide for themselves what they want to show to the world.

The network capabilities are virtually endless as soon the basic structures of our classical world are mapped – the classical works being the most basic that we gather around.