Adding value in the classical community

Symphony Orchestras are like ‘cities’ in the classical world. It’s not only the concerts happening. The musicians in the orchestra teach upcoming music pupils at the local university. Even when they also give master classes around the world there’s always an association of the musician back to her base – the orchestra she plays in.

This boiling activity around a Symphony orchestra has a lot of dimensions and relationships that Clazzig is about to map. The relationships between Concerts, tours, recordings, master classes, what classical works are played – and even which musicians are playing. As an orchestral musician you would over time be able to see what pieces you played, when, with which conductor/soloist etc. A tremendous treachery of information that will connect us all around the classical music.

Contributions and credit

There’s a lot of information to be gathered for all this to take off. Clazzig will make it fun and useful for all parties involved to supply this information. Also because they are the real ‘authorities’ on the information about their own activities. So an orchestra should enter their own concert calendar with the information that they find right and useful – they are the natural authority to enter this information.

Once a Symphony Orchestra has entered their concert calendar relating to the works that will be played during the season then musicians coming and playing with the orchestra as substitutes will automatically have the pieces being played showing up in their personal profile! No need for each musician to enter that information since the orchestra is the more natural and only authority to do so. And everyone will enjoy relating to that information, thereby also creating marketing value for the orchestra.

Always the ‘Wauw’!

Clazzig believes contributions should always be rewarded with added value and credit. Every contributor – institution or individual – should always feel ‘this is fun’ and ‘wauw, this is valuable to me/us’. So a core part of the Clazzig system will be to only create services that create added value for the users.